onyah is currently...
running baking drumming designing

Follow my progress on Nike+ or DailyMile.

And posting photos
of my projects here.

With my band,
Batala Washington.

Check out my design portfolio here.

You can find me online in places such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Check out my recent guest blog post on Zomppa.com!

Also, a while back, I got married, and elements of our wedding were featured on:
• Lisa Boggs Photography’s blog (here and here)
• United with Love, a DC area wedding blog (here and here)
• Perfect Bound (my dress (here)
• Offbeat Bride (our favors here, and my related Peeps diorama here)

Or you might be looking for one of the following memorial sites:
Winnifred Peterson (1925 – 2008)
Susan Peterson (1926 – 2007)